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This was entirely in thanks to the passion and initiative of the GVI staff there. The course is fun but be warned this is no holiday — days are long and to reach the standard required to pass you need to be dedicated and focused.

This might change at certain times but will basically follow this timeline.

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Synaptic transmission is compromised during aging and hearing loss Voltage-clamp recordings of EPSCs in bushy cells to stimulations of the endbulb of Held synapse. For example, bushy cells encode the fine temporal information of the sound structure, which is critical for sound localization as well as the performance of complex auditory tasks like speech recognition.


Project Details The course is known for producing the highest caliber graduates for this demanding industry. Please remember, the allocation is based on performance, interest and personality as determined by the head trainer.

As an organization, GVI is committed to striving toward best practice, and to educating both our potential participants, our partners, and the world at large about them. Along with and as part of the sustainable development and volunteering community, we are constantly learning and applying this learning to practice. Throughout the years, our graduates have achieved the highest marks of all the FGASA long term providers many times and are considered some of THE best trained guides in the industry.

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Whole cell recordings of intrinsic properties and sound-evoked responses from the inferior colliculus.

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